HTML form

A form is a way to send data to the server (located with the action attribute). It contains a set of fields like textfield, checkbox... Each field has a name attribute which is associated to the entered value. The data can be sent in a GET method (the default) or in a POST method. The GET method use the page URL for adding the data as parameters. The POST method hide the data inside the user HTTP request.

Attribute name Attribute value
action This is an URL containing a program processing the form inputs. It can be for sample a PHP, JSP, ASPX scripts. This program will scan the input parameters for processing depending on the service (like putting the data inside a database...). The inputs are encoding depending on the method attribute.
class Set a value for CSS rules. The CSS rule will be applied to all tags with the same class name
disabled It will disable for any usage the component
id Set a unique value, it is useful for JavaScript or for CSS rule. For CSS it will be applied only for this tag
method it will contain GET or POST. GET is for URL parameters and POST is for content parameter.
style Set a CSS value. It has always priority for general CSS rules. Sample : "background-color:red;color:white"