HTML links

A link used the a tag with the src attribute containing a document URL (uniform ressource locator). The URL can be relative or absolute. A link can be external or internal. For the internal links it is required to put anchor with a name inside the document using the a tag with a name attribute.

Usual attributes

Attribute name Attribute value
class Set a value for CSS rules. The CSS rule will be applied to all tags with the same class name
href The document URL. It can be a relative link (like pages/hello.html) or an absolute link (like http:// When adding a # it will create an inner link and will scroll the page to an anchor.
id Set a unique value, it is useful for JavaScript or for CSS rule. For CSS it will be applied only for this tag
style Set a CSS value. It has always priority for general CSS rules. Sample : "background-color:red;color:white"
target Useful when using a frame for locating the frame part that must be updated with this link content. When using the value _blank, it will open an external page.